Hi, my name is Andrew

Web Devloper & Designer

Musician, Foodie, Nerd

What I Do

Since I was 11 years old, I have had a passion
for creating beautiful websites that function well.

Now I am a Professional Web Developer.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is no longer a luxury. It is now essential to any moden website. I enjoy designing websites that look and function well on all types of devices.

Wordpresss & Drupal

I create custom-made themes for Wordpress and Drupal. I also enjoy blogging and managing the content on those two CMS platforms.

Web Development

Sometimes a CMS has limitations on what is desired. When that happens, I develop custom scripts in PHP and MySQL.

My Work

Front end development is my greatest strength.
Below are examples of some of my work.

My Skills

HTML5 - 95%
CSS3 & SASS - 93%
Drupal Theming and Management - 90%
Wordpress Theming and Management - 90%
Bootstrap & Zurb Foundation - 90%
PHP - 85%
MySQL - 80%
Javascript & JQuery - 75%

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Other Interests


I sing, play guitar, and write songs in a band called GoDreamerGo.


I like to Cosplay and go to Anime and Comic Conventions.


I enjoy Hackintoshing, Developing on Linux, and gaming on Windows.

PC Gaming

I enjoy build gaming PCs and playing MMORPGs


I like to blog about anything relating to food, technology, and more.


Cooking, eating, reviewing restaurants. I enjoy anything related to food.

My Music

I have been singing as long as I have been able to speak.

I write original music for my band GoDreamerGo
and also record covers of my favorite bands.

Listen to GoDreamerGo

Recent Posts

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