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Hello, everyone. I currently have no MacBook and I have been far less productive without it and life has been a lot more inconvenient. This is my first time not having a MacBook since I got my MacBook White (Mid 2010) in early 2011.

Why I am MacBook-Less

Death of the Old MacBook

To make a long and tragic story short, I accidentally spilled a lot of water on my MacBook that I had had for a long time! The repairs were too expensive to justify, so I ended up selling it to a shop that buys used computers, repairs them, and sells it “refurbished” to their customers with a warranty. I did not make much money, but I did not find it worth spending a lot of money repairing a 2010 model MacBook.

To read more on this story, read my article Water vs My White MacBook.

Waiting on my New MacBook

Rather than spend money on repairing an old 2010 model MacBook, I decided to invest in a new MacBook.

Since I really like to push my computers to its limits, I got the model with 512gb of storage and upgraded the memory from 8gb of ram to 16gb.

That switch caused the message “Ships in 2-4 business days” to change to “Ships in 3-4 weeks.”

It looks like I’m playing the “waiting game.”

Stay tuned for an article about my overly extended wait on my new MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display.

Why Life Has Been Inconvenient


As a college student, being able to bring a laptop to school is very convenient in several ways. One is that I can use my own computer in the library and not have to rely on the slow computers there. (I am also a bit of a germ-a-phobe and do not like touching the sticky keyboards and mice). I can also not have to worry about doing work and uploading it or saving it onto a flash drive. When on my own computer, whatever I save just gets saved on my computer and that’s it.

In class, I can take notes on iWork’s Pages and have it saved to iCloud or in my school folder. That makes it very easy. I personally hate handwriting and I can type fairly quickly so this proves to be a huge pro. I can easily just open the lid to quickly wake my MacBook from sleep, type notes, close the lid when done and quickly pack the MacBook away. I even am guilty of facebooking during class and browsing the web. I’m sure that the students behind me miss reading what was on my screen.


I am a web designer and at work, I was graciously given a Late 2012 Mac Mini to work on. It was really nice of my boss to let me use that since it was going to be his Mac Mini server!

Unfortunately, it only has 4gb of RAM while my old MacBook had 8gb of RAM. It unfortunately chokes up on me quite often when coding, browsing through several images in finder, editing in photoshop, video editing, uploading via ftp, testing the web pages, etc.

With my MacBook at my side, I was able to split the workload making everything more efficient. I also would play music from my MacBook. It was very convenient being able to have direct access to my iTunes from work. I could listen to music without being at the mercy of Pandora or iTunes Radio. Perhaps I’m just a control freak that likes to control what songs I’m listening to at every moment.

Additionally, my work’s Mac Mini is hooked up to a nice large 33″ display. The unfortunate part is that it has a strange resolution. The bottom of photoshop and other Apps get cut off sometimes which proves to be a bit inconvenient. Being able to use the Apps that don’t work as well or take up too much power for the Mac Mini on the MacBook made work so much easier! I even was able to test webpages on my MacBook. It was nice seeing the websites at different resolutions.


You may not follow me on the Disney-part of this blog, but I am a huge Disneyland Addict in addition to be an Apple-o-holic. I often spend nights at cheap hotels when traveling to Anaheim to go to Disneyland and having my MacBook allowed me to browse the web, use iMessage, facebook, twitter. Of course my iPad and iPhone can do all of those things for me, it just isn’t as easy to do.

I feel that my iPad and iPhone have their place in my life to make things easier, the MacBook has so many more features that make it worth bringing along in all of my travels.

Many of my friends and family use their iPad as a replacement for a laptop and it works for them. For me, it doesn’t quite fill the void of the MacBook. I type A LOT. And I mean A LOT. Being able to use iMessage on the comfortable keyboard as opposed to the touch screen allowed me to get a lot more done easily.

Blogging is even a bit tough for me since I do not have access to photoshop on here so I can’t make my silly header photos for these articles.

The iPad will always be great for viewing books, photos, and videos and my iPhone will always be great on the go to text, web browse, and play games from wherever, but none can replace the MacBook.

Lazy Mornings and Late Nights

On a weekend, I am often too lazy to get out of bed for a long time but I also want to get on the computer. My Hackintosh is a bit too far away and I do not want to leave my warm blankets. The MacBook was nice since I was able to sit under the blankets while typing and clicking away on my MacBook. The same applies for late nights when I’ve finished gaming or doing whatever and I want to be on a computer under the blanket.

Current Replacement

Ever since my old MacBook has been gone, I have been using an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard paired with my iPad Mini to take the place of the MacBook. While it has definitely been an awesome experience, it just isn’t the same.

The little things really add up. I still watch my movies and use iBooks on the iPad for school work, but using it to write long blog articles and other of my MacBook tasks has been tougher. It gets the job done but just isn’t as convenient.

In the end, technology is supposed to just make your life easier. My MacBook did just that and I am (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of my new MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display.


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