Submitted by andrewmriv on Sat, 12/07/2013 - 00:08

Unreasonable Wait Times

Only on 16gb Models

I went onto the Apple website to customize the new MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina that I wanted to buy replacing my old White MacBook (mid-2010 model). For more information on why I’m replacing the White MacBook, read the article Water vs my White MacBook and/or MacBook-Less: Why I Miss my MacBook.

Birthday Present

Since I had become “MacBook-less” and I was being so overly dramatic about it, my mother felt very bad for me and decided to purchase me a MacBook. My birthday was on November 13th and it was ordered on November 17th.

Sudden Change in Date

Knowing that I use up a lot of space, I picked the model with 512gb of PCIe Flash Storage. By default, this model came with 8gb of RAM. Being one that likes to multitask A LOT (32gb of Ram on my Hackintosh/Gaming PC) I selected to increase the RAM to 16gb.

As soon as I switched from 8gb to 16gb of RAM, the shipping time went from “ships in 2-4 business days” to “ships in 3-4 week.” Wow, what an increase, right?

Researching Reasons Why

This is the first MacBook line to not offer upgradable RAM. In addition to the Storage Drive (PCIe Based Flash Storage), the RAM is soldered onto the Logic Board which means that we cannot swap either of those parts out. Apple even left a message in the RAM area stating that what you get is what you will have for the rest of that MacBook’s life. For a more “future proof” computer, I’m certain that many felt the need to upgrade to 16gb of RAM “just in case” they needed it later in life.

Fires in RAM Factories

I went onto the forums on MacRumors and saw that others were having similar issues. Many suggested that the fires in factories in China (where the MacBooks are assembled) caused a shortage on RAM.

Calling Apple

To be blunt, I was furious. I am not the most patient person in the world and I had already waited a couple of weeks so I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

When I called and gave my information, I was put on hold for a while so that the Apple employee on the other line could look into the issue.
He told me that it would ship between Friday the 7th (today) and Monday the 9th at the latest. He also stated that I would get an alert on the updated shipping.

What confused me most was that he didn’t give me much of an explanation on why that was the case if my email was telling me that I would be receiving it between December 16th- 24th. I was wondering what had happened when he put me on hold.

I ended up asking if the fires in the RAM factories had really happened. I didn’t expect him to admit to it even if it didn’t happen but I was sort of testing to see how he would answer. He told me that they were on backorder due to the high purchases thanks to the holiday season.

The Verdict

I honestly stopped caring about “why” it’s taking so long and I just want to have it. Hopefully it comes soon! Stay tuned for an article on if the MacBook was truly worth this long wait and if waiting on those extra 8gb (16gb total) was worth it as well.