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I waited a very long time for this MacBook! I was not very patient about it either. Either way, it has finally arrived yesterday and I am so excited to have it and to be typing out this article on it. I actually also ordered my first iMac last saturday and it arrived a few minutes before this MacBook in the mail! Stay tuned for an article also on my first iMac.

For more on the 3 weeks I had to wait for this, read my article called Waiting 3-4 Weeks for my New MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina.

First MacBook Pro

My very first MacBook was the White Mid-2010 model that I purchased in early 2011. Having a MacBook Pro is a bit of a different feeling and experience than what I had from 2011-2013 on the White MacBook.

Super Thin and Light

One of the many reasons I replaced my Dell Laptop in 2010 was to get a much lighter computer. This new MacBook Pro is even thinner and lighter than the non-retina MacBook Pros and the White MacBook that I owned.

I honestly mistook this computer for being a MacBook Air at first before noticing the black bordering the screen. In fact, the thinness almost scared me. Perhaps it’s an old mindset that thinner means very weak. I broke down that mental block I had when purchasing this and it feels very durable while still being very light and portable.

Nice Backlit Keyboard

My White MacBook did not have backlit keys so I am very excited about this feature! I am very new to this and am already appreciating the backlit keyboard while browsing the internet at night while laying in bed!

Wonderful Screen

The screen quality of the Retina MacBook Pro is amazing! It is truly wonderful and photographs look great on it! Even simple things like browsing the web (or typing in Pages in iWork) look wonderful.

I was originally a bit skeptical about a retina display looking far better. I was convinced that it was just another Apple marketing tactic that over-hyped the new screen. The Apple website shows two screen side by side with a magnifying glass showing the difference in quality between the non-retina and retina MacBook Pro. The difference is great! The Retina MacBook Pro has far more pixels and I can vouch for that advertisement truly being realistic.

Loud Speakers

I am always pleasantly surprised by the built in speakers on MacBooks. This one is no exception. Perhaps this is also an old mindset that I had from older Windows-based Laptops that I owned in the past that laptops meant bad speakers. While I was sitting in the living room of my house, I was playing a song at the max volume to test it out and it was loud enough for my mother in in the kitchen nearby to hear loud and clear!

Worth the Wait

This was definitely worth the long wait! I am truly happy that I waited the extra few weeks to ensure that I had 16gb of RAM in this MacBook since I intend to do a lot of multi-tasking. This is all I have to write about since I have only owned for the MacBook for a day. I will write an article about how this is treating me in a few months or so.

Stay tuned for my article on my first iMac.