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I recently stopped using Hackintoshes (see my article on why I will no longer be hackintoshing.) Since I was interested in having a nice Mac desktop that would stay at home, I finally decided to buy an iMac.

Why I Didn’t Buy One Earlier

Can’t Upgrade Much

I actually did not see the need to have a Mac Desktop of any sort. Coming from the windows world, I thought that having a non-upgradable desktop computer was a waste of money. I had previously planned to have a MacBook (the old White MacBook Mid-2010 model I used to own) and a Gaming PC that I could upgrade as time went on.

Having not owned my own desktop before, I intended to use my MacBook as my main computer. I was used to just using Laptops as a main computer because I liked having the mobility.

The box had a cool slant.

A High Price to Pay

I saw the iMacs as overpriced (as many do). I could not justify buying a desktop that I could not upgrade. Instead, I built a Hackintosh that dual booted into Windows to play games on too. While the Hackintosh was a better deal for the price:space ratio, it did not have the same overall ease of use factor as a real Mac.

Once again, if you are interested in why I stopped Hackintoshing to buy this, read my article.

Why I Finally Bought One

A Nice Home Computer

I finally retired the Hackintosh but still wanted a desktop at home running Mac OS X. I could have gone another option and just bought a thunderbolt display to “dock” my MacBook while at home but I wanted a separate home computer with a larger screen.

Record Music

On my old White MacBook, it had a Core 2 Duo processor. It was able to record demos of song ideas in Garageband I had while on the go but when attempting to record songs with several tracks for my rock band that I was in, I got many “CPU Overload” messages from Logic. I wanted to make sure I got an up to date Quad Core Mac for my garage/home studio/man cave.

Video Editing

I have always been able to edit small videos in iMovie on my old MacBook, but it would always choke up when doing bigger projects in Final Cut Pro. This computer is intended to take on the heavier video editing loads just like what my Hackintosh did in the past.

Storing Photos

I go to Disneyland quite often and take a lot of videos and quick videos while I’m there. While I had a nice 1tb HDD in my old MacBook for a lot of storage, that was quickly filling up. I wanted to get a thunderbolt equipped iMac and to be able to plugin large capacity RAID thunderbolt drives and eventually daisy chain and add more space to my arsenal. I wanted this to house my iPhoto Library.

Takes Care of my iPhone and iPad

I would like this to be the one stop place to where my iOS devices sync when I get home. It would have all of the backups and the main iTunes server. I will talk more about that later.

Home Media Server

Once I heard about Home Sharing and Back to My Mac, I really wanted to get an iMac at home. It made me realize that it would be very cool to have all of my files at home on the iMac that could be accessed on my MacBook from anywhere.

I would have all of my iTunes library available for home streaming so that I could start watching a movie in my garage on my iMac, continue watching it on my MacBook while in the house and eating, and then finish watching it on my iPad while laying in bed. I have several Movies and TV Shows in my iTunes Library that I love to watch.


I am not ashamed to admit that a big reason for getting the iMac was for its beautiful design. I much prefer the “chin” on the bottom of the iMac to the Thunderbolt and Apple Cinema Display that do not have the silver chin at the bottom.

Since this would be sharing a desk with a MacBook and a Gaming PC, it was nice to know that this would save A LOT of space. It looked great, was powerful, and hardly took up any space. The whole design of it really interested me.

Additionally, it was nice that there are built in speakers, wifi (AC speeds!), bluetooth, and a webcam so I would not have to mess around with several USB devices.

While this screen quality is not as a “nice” as the one on my Retina MacBook Pro, it is still absolutely stunning. I cannot get enough of the large display.

First Thoughts

Upon arrival, the Fed Ex delivery guy probably got a good little laugh when he saw my jump out of nowhere and quickly off mer signature as I ran off into my garage with the huge box. The two words to describe my first thoughts are “excited” and “amazed.”


Maybe I am just an Apple fanatic, but I even thought that the box was beautiful. It was cool that the box was sort of slanted to perfectly match the size of the iMac inside. Of course unboxing it was an even better experience.

The computer is very shiny and perfectly made. My friend that I showed it to over FaceTime described the computer has looking “futuristic.”

Huge Screen

This thing is HUGE! I had played with the 27” iMacs a lot in the Apple store but seeing it in my garage on the desk next to the 21.5” PC Monitor is huge. It started to hurt my neck a little looking up to the top of the monitor so I pushed it a bit farther back on my desk.

Now I am wondering how I ever lived without such a large monitor with such great quality. Looking back at my PC Monitor that I game on, it seems so small now. I remember thinking that the 21.5” Monitor for my PC was big back when I got it a year ago.

Easy to Use

This was so easy to setup. I plugged in the AC Adapter, plugged in the USB Keyboard, and hit the power button. It then instructed me to flip the power switch on my Magic Mouse and then I was ready for the setup. Within 5 easy steps, I was using my Mac.


This is my new favorite “toy.” I can’t pry myself away from this. I will write another article on how the iMac is for me in a few months or so.