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In late 2010, I considered buying my first Mac. Being a Windows user since Windows 95, it seemed like a scary idea switching to a completely new operating system. Windows was all I knew. For many, it is tough to stray away from habits that are formed (especially over a very long period of time) so it took a bit of time before I made the switch.

This is not a list of why you should switch to a Mac (since it will be missing many key reasons to) but these are the reasons that I personally switched over.

Exclusive Apps

Many condemn Macs for having a far smaller quantity of Applications available to the users. With Windows being more popular, there are also far more developers that create programs to be used specifically for Windows. While that is the case, I have found more relevant apps that are exclusive to OS X.

Logic Pro and Garageband


In 2010, I was in my first rock band (Game-21) and we were recording in the studio for the very first time. I had previously tried to record some demos of us on my Dell Windows Laptop using Audacity and they did not turn out well. Being inexperienced and lacking the right equipment, I was unable to figure out how to improve.

The man recording us gave me a lot of interesting information on Logic (which he was using to record us with) and what equipment to use. This inspired me to get a Mac. I wanted to use the Mac-exclusive program.


Additionally, I was told about Garageband. This program comes free with every Mac and it beats any free Audio editing software that I have used on Windows. Maybe I did not look hard enough, but this satisfied me. While my more serious projects were done on Logic, it was easy and intuitive to use Garageband to record my demos especially when on the go.


Later that month, my band-mate and I recorded a video of us covering “Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low on my iPhone 3GS. Being unsatisfied with Windows Movie Maker, we set out to find some sort of free video editor but were unsuccessful.

Luckily, my uncle was over with his MacBook. We told him of our dilemma and he lent us his MacBook and showed us how easy it was to get the video into iMovie. With the easy user interface, we were easily able to do the simple editing we needed to do and then were even able to publish it straight to YouTube! This was another selling my point. It was nice to know that I would have access to iMovie if I purchased a Mac. It sure beat Windows Movie maker.


Good Reputation

Being in the local band scene, I was around many other artists. Literally every other artist I met was a Mac user and it puzzled me. I thought that it was just a fad (and maybe it sort of is) and that was not going to be a reason for me to switch over. I started asking around in the band scene and among others for why there was a reason to be a Mac User.

No Viruses

The most common thing I heard right away was that Mac did not have viruses. I found that hard to believe. I figured that since Macs were getting more and more popular that there would be common viruses available but I was curious to see if that was true. So far, I have never needed to install an anti-virus. My Windows PCs would be dead by now if I never installed Avast for free on them. While it does not cost anything to find a decent free anti virus on Windows, it is still an extra hassle to scan frequently and to keep it up to date. That is something that I have never had to worry about on my Macs.


Others told me that Mac OS X was more stable than Windows. At the time, I was already using Windows 7 (skipped Windows Vista) so I never really saw Windows as being “unstable” in any way. Those that told me were very adamant. In my experience, Windows was not really much less stable than OS X since I am sure to do constant house keeping and defragging on my Windows machines. My Macs have required very minimal upkeep than my Windows PCs. I spend less time cleaning it up and more time being productive.


While Garageband, Logic, and iMovie were on my mind, I was also told about Final Cut. Additionally, I had just heard the stereotype that Macs were for the “creative” or “artistic” type so I was curious to see if that was true.

Best of Both Worlds

In addition to playing music, I also like to play PC games. I was told about virtualization and Boot Camp. Since I only play MMORPGs and nothing too graphic intensive, I decided that having a Mac could be the best of both worlds. I could have my OS X exclusive apps and then boot into Windows if I ever wanted to play my video games.

Nice Design

I can’t leave out that I thought that Macs looked really awesome. Apple won me over with their design when I got my first iPod in 2005. The Macs won me over with their beautiful design as well.


In the end, I was completely curious. Being a Windows User all of my life, I was curious to see what else was out there. I wanted to see if the advertisements about Macs were true. Many preached about the goodness of Apple’s Macs so I wanted to see if it really lived up to it. As you can see, my experience was so great that I even created this blog to write about my experiences with Apple products.