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Sum 41 is one of my favorite bands in the world. In fact, they were actually the first band that I ever got into. If you are anything like me, you were stuck asking yourself “Why did Steveo leave Sum 41?!”

Many Sum 41 fans, including myself, were really devistated when Dave Baksh (Dave Brownsound) left the band and now it feels even worse.

Steve left a message on Sum 41’s official website talking about leaving but he didn’t exactly say why he decided to leave.

Steve’s Message

This is a quote off of Sum 41’s official site

“I’m sorry to announce that I’ve decided to leave Sum 41.

Touring with the band has been an amazing experience that has taken us far beyond our old practice space in my parent’s basement to countless countries around the world. I’ve had the opportunity to see and experience so much and for that I am truly grateful.

I just want to thank all of our fans for making the last 17 years possible. I had a blast.

Thanks again, Stevo.”


There’s More To It (Pure Speculations)

So that is it. He did not tell us why he decided to leave in his message, so it is all up to speculation to figure out why. These are a couple of reasons on why I THINK he might have left the sums.

Jocz Singing Pain for Pleasure
Jocz Singing Pain for Pleasure

I just don’t want anyone to quote me on here because none of these reasons are facts that I can prove. Just ideas.

Burnt out from Touring

Their album Screaming Bloody Murder was released in 2011 and they toured nonstop for nearly 3 years. All Killer No Filler was released in 2001 so Steve has spent a really large chunk of his life on tour. Maybe he was tired of touring now that he is older.

It could also be that this particular tour was so long that he wanted to get out of it really badly and was just ready to call it quits.

Raise His Son Owen

Stevo has a son named Owen Jocz and was born in 2011. While Tom Thacker (Brown Tom) has stated that Steve had spent a lot of time video chatting and seeing his son, it just is not the same as being there in person.

It is very possible that Stevo wanted to be there (literally) for his son and to spend more time with him.

Focus on Directing

Steve has been interested in directing videos very early on in Sum 41’s career. He even went on to direct many of Sum 41 and Operation MD’s (Cone’s side project with Todd Morse) videos. It could be that he wants to move on from his drumming career and focus more on directing.

A quote from Steve Jocz’ official website says “In 2013 Steve decided to part ways with Sum 41 and joined Rockhard to pursue his career as a director full time.”

Not Getting Along

There is also a possibility that the guys in Sum 41 may not have been getting along as well. There is no news on it that I have found, but I know that being in a band can sometimes cause disagreements. This is not likely the case, I think.

Future of Sum 41

It doesn’t appear that Sum 41 is breaking up or going on hiatus. It is sad that Deryck is now the last founding member remaining in Sum 41 with both Dave and Steveo gone. I am unsure if Sum 41 plans on releasing any new albums. Deryck stated a long time ago that he was working on new material but not to expect a CD out for a couple of years. He did not specify if this was for Sum 41 or if it was for some other project. There also has not been any news of a replacement drummer.

I will miss Steve. I don’t think it really is possible for them to play Pain for Pleasure live any more with both “Pain” and “Pleasure” out of the band. I hope to hear more from the Sums soon.


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