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I have wanted this guitar for a few years now and I finally got it!

Deryck Whibley?

Deryck Whibley is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, frontman, and main composer for the band Sum 41. Sum 41 was the first band that I ever got into back when I was in middle school. Most people know me as being a huge blink-182 fan, but I really got into Sum 41 before getting into blink. I had a friend that was into Sum 41 and played their CDs in the car often.

Deryck has always been my biggest influence as both a writer and performer. The Underclass Hero album really inspired me despite it not being very commercially successful. He wrote songs that were very personal to him. As a performer, I think that he is one of the best frontmen out there and has influenced the way I perform on stage. I currently own a Blue Stratocaster with white Xs on it.

Specs on the Guitar

This guitar is made out of Agathis wood and has a polyester finish. It has a strung through body (my first strung through guitar). The neck and fretboard are made of maple and have a Gloss Polyurethane.

It has one pickup (Duncan Designed™ HB-102B Humbucking) as well as a single tone knob and single volume knob.

Why I Bought It

I am well aware that Deryck does not often use his Squier signature model live very often. He actually uses a modified version of a Fender Telecaster 72 Deluxe which is made of much far better parts.

The main reason that I bought this is because of its inexpensive price. I could have gotten the parts myself and created a great guitar. Since I am not a professional musician, this will be great for me.

I will not be using this in the studio. I have a better quality Fender stratocaster as well as access to other Gibson guitars that I can use in the studio. I wanted this guitar because it looks cool and is very lightweight. It’s the perfect mix for someone like me that plays very simplistic music.

I play Rhythm Guitar and sing Lead Vocals in the bands that I play in so I do not need a whole lot.

First Impressions


When I first picked it up, it was as light as I expected. I own a few strats. Two of which are Alder and one is Basswood. This felt closer to Basswood in weight since it is also made of a soft wood. It feels about half as heavy as my Made in Mexico Stat with an Alder body. I am very excited to take this on stage and feel the difference in weight.

Thin Neck

I have pretty small hands so it was nice to feel that this has an even thinner neck than my strats. It is very easy to play.

Loose Screw

Of course this is an easy fix, and it needs to be setup anyways, but as I was tuning the D string, the screw came loose and flew out.

Decent Pickups

As I stated earlier, I will be switching these out for the real thing (Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB) but these were still better than what I expected. This pickup sounds similar to the JB Pickup but lacks a bit of depth and midrange.

“Naked” Sound

I sat around and played around with this while it was not plugged into an amp. While this wood is light like Basswood, its tone is not dark. It sounds closer to Alder with a brighter tone (which is what I was going for).

Red X’s

The signature red X’s are really cool! I know that Deryck used red tape on his real Telecaster, but this signature model comes with the X’s painted on them. Its symmetry is a bit different from his real telecaster. These look more “perfect” because the X’s were likely created perfectly digitally while Deryck just cut some tape and threw it onto his guitar without measuring.

Future Plans

I am currently making changes to this guitar. I am changing the pickup, adding a 500k push pull pot under the volume knob to add coil tapping, removing the tone knob in place of a top mounted input jack, adding strap locks, putting white and black tape over the Red X’s (I love the red X’s but red is not my color), and moving up to 10 gauge strings.

New Deryck Whibley Telecaster (White)

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