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Recently, I talked about a new project I was working on with my original drummer Chris Ray. Unfortunately for us, that will not be taking place any time soon since he is still away at college. While that project has been going on, I have also been writing for my Acoustic Solo Music.

SeeWhy I Quit my Bands and Went Solo

New Music

I have been secretly working on this stuff for a while now, but now I can no longer hold my excitement back. I am really excited to get this new music out! I have one song that is complete. You heard it if you were at the Camchella show.

SeeCamchella – My First Show in a While

EP In the Works

Most of the songs are still in their early stages but I have big plans for these little melody and lyrical ideas. I have about 12 song ideas in the works right now but this will more likely be a 5-6 track EP.

How will it sound? Well if you are familiar with my music, it will be similar lyrically to an extent. I will keep my style of simple and “from the heart” lyrics since that is what I enjoy writing most. Sound-wise, it is an acoustic album rather than one done by a full band so you can expect to not hear any drums or electric guitar on the EP. This EP is going to be as “Andrew Rivera” as I can make it.

Photo Shoot

I don’t want to keep stealing photos from my band’s So Far Away photo shoot and I also do not want to keep cropping myself out of the pictures and turning them into solo shots. I am going to have a new photo shoot soon and I am very excited about it!

Music Video

I know that this is all happening so soon, but I am in the early stages of working with my good friend Rachel Hwang on a music video. It is still in very early planning stages so I do not have a projected date on its release but I do promise that we are working hard and very excited!


My music website has been “under construction” for a long time because I have not been able to put the final touches on it. It is very close to finally being done and I am just trying to make sure that it is all organized before I roll it out.

The site is going to be the one stop for finding everything related to my music. It will have all of my music (of course), show dates, links to all of my social media accounts, and more!

Upcoming Shows

I do not plan on having TOO many shows soon since I wish to work on getting my new stuff out, but I currently have two new shows that I am working on getting secured. I will post about that soon.