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Hello everyone, I am proud to say that I have graduated from Cal State University Channel Islands with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in Business.

This is just going to be a post about me talking a little bit about my experience in college as a student at CSUCI and about

Hardest Semester Yet

Anyone that follows me on Twitter has probably taken notice to my constant complaining about the school work load this semester. I did not necessarily have any very terrible professors or anything, but I was really just having trouble balancing school, work, Disneyland, misc. internet use, and video games all in one semester.

Picking Communication was a suggestion by one of my cousins purely because I was not doing well as a Business major (my first declared major) and was not interested in it at all. I also noticed that this major required the least amount of classes possible so I was very excited about the idea of majoring in something “easy.”

While it may not have been as easy as I thought it would be, I am still happy with what I got out of my time in College. Though I have never been a fan of the whole system of going to school, sitting in lectures, doing homework and projects, and studying for tests, I still feel that I got a lot out of this major that does not get much credit.

Putting the obvious aside, I did learn to “communicate” better! Also, this major allowed me to take courses that focused on society and human interaction rather business which had me struggling. Though I am grateful for my time there, I would definitely not do it again if I had the chance since the whole process was very long and painful too!

You can read more about my disdain towards the college system on my article entitled Why the College System Sucks.

I also plan to write more about my experience with college soon.

Fun Ceremony

The ceremony was actually quite a bit of fun. It had been very hot all week but the morning started off a bit cooler than expected which was a nice surprise.

Old Friends

While lining up with the other Communication majors in preparation for the the ceremony, I was approached by two other Communication majors. They stated that I had send them notes in a previous class and that they ended up scoring As in the class. At first, I did not recall what they were talking about and then it finally hit me!

I cannot remember the exact name of the course, but it was centered on a class about Art and Mass Media. If my memory serves me correctly, our professor was presenting questions and answers that would be on an exam. I remember her flipping through the content very quickly and that I was the only one in the class that was taking notes on a laptop so I was the only one that was able to write down literally everything. I think that I voluntarily asked people to write down their emails and that I sent them out to a few students that I hardly knew.

Some of the small details may have been off, but I am certain that that was how it basically turned out!

Either way, it was a lot of fun running into some old classmates and it was very flattering that they remembered me!


Being surrounded by more extroverted Communication majors was a load of fun. They were super loud the whole time and that made the experience much more enjoyable. Any time one of the speakers said the word “Comm” or “Communication” in some way, we were all going crazy.

Future Plans

Being done with school feels great. With this past semester being especially difficult, I am finally taking a sigh of relief. I can finally catch up on things that I wanted to do all semester that I was unable to do.


I plan on upgrading my Disneyland pass to the highest one (Premium) which allows me to go into both parks on any day of the year. That’s right, no blackout dates.


With less time to be spent on schoolwork, I will have plenty of time to finish recording my musical project’s debut EP and to hopefully play some shows! I also plan on recording some YouTube covers for fun. There is so much that I want to do!

Video Games

While I do like to be active and socializing a lot, sometimes do I need a bit of a break to sleep in and stay home all day playing video games. I have lately been re-playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2. If you are a Star Wars fan and have not played the Knights of the Old Republic series, I highly recommend it!

Other Nerdy Things

On top of gaming, I have other nerdy things that I want to catch up. I’d hope to post more on this blog. Also, I’ve had plans for messing with external hard drives and raid arrays and upgrading the ram on my iMac.

There is so much that I want to do this summer! Wish me luck on getting it all done!