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Sword Art Online has recently become a huge obsession of mine lately. I have never been a huge anime fan but I have also never had anything against it either. For some reason, this one really hooked me. My older brother has been a longtime anime fan and has been working hard at getting me hooked on a series so that I could eventually start to watch more and more. It looks that might be happening soon.

While I am at work, a coworker/good friend of mine and I will typically watch some sort of video while eating on our lunch break. Being a fan of Anime, he introduced me to a few different series that he was currently watching. Knowing that I am a big fan of MMORPGs, he showed me this series. I watched the third and fourth episode with him in Japanese with English subtitles. For some reason, the character Kirito and the whole show hooked me after watching those two episodes. It was strange because I did not even start by watching the first episode.


I am a bigger fan of dubs rather than subs (subtitled), so when I went home to watch the series on my own, I obtained the English dubs to all of the episodes of Sword Art Online. My brother was pleased to find that I was addicted to a very popular Anime series and even agreed to watch several episodes with me.

Within less than a week, I had watched all of the currently released episodes of Sword Art Online (25 total). Not knowing that this was adapted from a Light Novel series, I was immediately disappointed that there was no more material for me. I was completely drenched in the story and was sad to think that it was all “over.”

Light Novel

I actually did not know what a “Light Novel” was until I discovered Sword Art Online. Being the naive person that I am, I assumed that all Anime were adaptations of Manga or were just originals. The anime series that I watched was actually an adaptation of a series of Light Novels.

I have never been fond of reading but since I became so obsessed with this series, I had to make an exception. I was pleased to find that there are several Volumes that have yet to hopefully be made into episodes of future anime seasons. I was also pleased to find that this series is still ongoing.

I found english translations of Volumes 1 – 13. So far, I believe that only Volumes 1 – 4 have been made into anime episodes.

I have recently begun reading the light novel and am almost finished reading the first volume. This is more reading than I did through all of my undergraduate career in college

Sword Art Online 2 / Gun Gale Online / Phantom Bullet

It was announced somewhat recently that the second season of Sword Art Online (entitled “Sword Art Online II”) is going to be airing on July 5th! It appears to be advertised as showing the Phantom Bullet Arc from the Light Novel series. The Phantom Bullet Arc is centered around Kirito playing a game called Gun Gale Online. There is no information on when this will be dubbed in English, so I will be taking the time to watch this in Japanese with English subs.

Since the first season of SAO had 25 episodes (the first 14 based of of the Aincrad Arc and the last 11 based on the Fairy Dance Arc), I am curious to if Sword Art Online II will have 25 episodes of the Phantom Bullet Arc, if SAO 2 will be a shorter season with only between 11-14 episodes, or if SAO 2 will include two story arcs just like the first season did. We will soon see! Either way, I am excited for the release of this.

Review Coming Soon

Thank you for reading this rant on my current obsession with Sword Art Online. While I do love it, it was not perfect by any means. I am currently in the process of writing a review of the 25 episodes that have been released. Stay tuned for that!