Submitted by andrewmriv on Wed, 10/15/2014 - 22:15

Unresponsive Screen

I have recently been experiencing a strange issue on my iPhone 5c. Sometimes when I would tap on the screen, a different area of the screen would be affected instead. It made unlocking my phone impossible sometimes.

I first thought that it may be an iOS 8.0.2 bug. Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 bug had me lose a bit of faith in them. I searched Google but was unable to find any information on this issue, so I posted on the MacRumors Forum hoping to find some people with a similar experience.

After posting, I got one quick response advising me to just make a genius bar appointment. I figured that the worst they could do was just tell me that there was nothing wrong with my phone so I made an appointment online.

The Apple Store Genius Bar

Past Experience

Thinking back to a previous experience, I remembered bringing a friend into the Apple Store for his Genius Bar appointment. It was about a month after he had bought his iPhone 5s and his issue was that the Touch ID was not “perfect” and that it would only unlock if he placed his finger on the Touch ID with a very strange angle. Immediately, he was handed a new iPhone 5s with the same specs and then loaded an iCloud Backup. I was hoping to have a similar experience.

My Experience

Early Arrival

I arrived at the Apple Store 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment but I decided to check in anyways. I felt that it would be nice to just let them know that I was there. Rather than waiting around a long time, I was helped within 5 minutes. I explained my issue to the Genius and he asked me to remove the hard case I had on my iPhone 5c.

Quick Help

He carefully examined it and noticed that my screen was popping off in the top left corner. He told me that this likely happened due to my battery swelling. He then told me that I would need to have my screen and battery replaced. At this point I was regretting not ordering the extended Apple Care for my iPhone 5c. I thought that I would be charged over $100 which would make me want to just wait a couple of months and replace it with an iPhone 6. I knew that my warranty had been expired for some time now.

The Genius told me that it would cost $129 for a new screen and $79 for a new battery but he would knock off the price of the new screen and only charge me for the battery. I figured that the deal okay enough so I agreed to it and was told to come back in 45 minutes to pick it up.

A Pleasant Surprise

I ended up having dinner with a couple of friends in a nearby restaurant in the same mall and then returned to the Apple Store. I approached the Genius that I had talked to earlier and he said “hey! here to pick up your phone? I’m not sure if they fixed it or not… hah! let me check!” That sort of greeting really concerned me. I thought that maybe it had suffered some sort of humidity/water damage or something and thought that that would complicate things.

A few minutes passed by and I was greeted with another genius. He approached me and told me that they were unable to get the new screen to pop into place on my phone so they were going to give me a new iPhone 5c with the same specs as my old one (32gb of space). I still would just be paying $79 for it and that would be it.

High Customer Satisfaction Ratings

I pretty much paid $80 for a brand new iPhone 5c with 32gb of storage. It was a nice deal. I expected to pay a lot more since I was no longer under a warranty. The geniuses were all very nice and helpful to me and I can see why Apple has such high customer satisfaction ratings. I would highly recommend making an appointment with the Apple Store Genius Bar if you have any issues with your Apple Devices. I also recommend buying the extended Apple Care Warranty for your devices too.