Submitted by andrewmriv on Sun, 04/24/2016 - 20:37

After realizing that I have not touched this website since December of 2014, I decided that it was time to revamp the site!

The most notable change is that I have switched from Wordpress to Drupal.

Why Switch from Wordpress to Drupal?

There are many reasons one might choose one CMS over the other (and I will cover that more in a future post) but I switched for a few main reasons:

I Use Drupal at Work

At my previous job, I chose Wordpress as my main CMS (despite not really having used it) and learned it pretty well over the course of two years. At my current job, we use Drupal, so I have completely immersed myself in it.

Security & Scalability

On top of it having grown on me, I have also liked the security aspect behind Drupal. While I would not say that Wordpress is “insecure”, I just thought it might be cool to use the CMS that the White House chooses to use.

Additionally, I have constantly read that Drupal is far more scalable. As a Wordpress site grows, it starts to suffer in performance. Apparently, Drupal does not face that same issue.

What I Miss from Wordpress

While Drupal has grown on me as my favorite CMS, it did take time. The learning curve for learning Drupal is far more difficult than the Wordpress'.

The most annoying part of using Drupal as my primary site was the blogging functionality.

Blogging Functionality

While it is fairly easy to setup a Content Type and some Views, getting other basic things like an Archive page, Tags page, and Category page took a lot of time setting up.

With Wordpress, that is all ready out of the box.


While there are several WYSIWYG editors available for Drupal, none match the Wordpress one for me.

I likeCKEditor but it will take some setting up to get it to be closer to my Wordpress experience.

Zurb Foundation

On top of switching platforms, I also re-designed my website using Zurb Foundation as my Frontend Framework of choice.

I previously used Wordpress with Bootstrap but decided to do the opposite this time.

At work, I was asked to learn how to use Zurb Foundation. Once again, the learning curve was a bit rough since I have never touched Grunt, Bower, SASS, etc. but I believe it was all worth the investment.

I will also write some posts about Zurb Foundation vs Bootstrap and also beginner guides on getting a custom Zurb Foundation subtheme setup.

New Approach

If you are still reading at this point, I am eternally grateful!

This website originally started as a way for me to test out Wordpress and improve on it for work. It also was a personal blog.

I am now using it as a way to further my learning with Drupal. It will continue to be a personal blog, but I plan to write more Web Developer-related guides that I wish I had while learning.

I hope to write some new material soon!